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Series E (Feb 22-Mar 10)

Winner of A VS Winner of B

TeamGPWLTPtsW %GFGAGF %Last 10Streak
1Lefroy Ice Breakers 3632170.5831890.6673-2-1WON 2
2Richmond Hill Stars 3623150.4179180.3332-3-1LOST 2
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
SR-M1SE-1Feb 265:00 PMRichmond Hill 32-1Lefroy 3SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SE-2Feb 289:00 PMLefroy 35-2Richmond Hill 3Bond Lake
SR-M1SE-3Mar 028:00 PMRichmond Hill 32-2Lefroy 3SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SE-4Mar 058:00 PMLefroy 32-3Richmond Hill 3Bond Lake
SR-M1SE-5Mar 098:15 PMRichmond Hill 30-3Lefroy 3SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SE-6Mar 106:30 PMLefroy 35-0Richmond Hill 3Elgin Barrow (East)
All Scheduled Games
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
SR-M1SB-1Feb 089:30 PMBradford Bulldogs 20-2Richmond Hill Stars 3Bond Lake
SR-M1SD-1Feb 098:45 PMRichmond Hill Stars 21-5Bradford Bulldogs 1Bradford Leisure (Blue)
SR-M1SA-1Feb 099:15 PMThornton Tigers 11-3Lefroy Ice Breakers 3SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SA-2Feb 108:00 PMLefroy Ice Breakers 31-2Thornton Tigers 1Thornton
SR-M1SC-1Feb 108:15 PMRichmond Hill Kings 11-4Lefroy Ice Breakers 1SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SC-2Feb 112:00 PMLefroy Ice Breakers 14-0Richmond Hill Kings 1Bond Lake
SR-M1SD-2Feb 126:00 PMBradford Bulldogs 11-1Richmond Hill Stars 2Tom Graham (Burgundy)
SR-M1SC-3Feb 126:15 PMRichmond Hill Kings 12-7Lefroy Ice Breakers 1SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SA-3Feb 127:30 PMThornton Tigers 11-4Lefroy Ice Breakers 3SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SD-3Feb 138:30 PMRichmond Hill Stars 21-3Bradford Bulldogs 1Bradford Leisure (Blue)
SR-M1SB-2Feb 139:45 PMRichmond Hill Stars 31-4Bradford Bulldogs 2Bradford Leisure (Blue)
SR-M1SA-4Feb 149:30 PMLefroy Ice Breakers 30-1Thornton Tigers 1Thornton
SR-M1SD-4Feb 158:00 PMBradford Bulldogs 13-4Richmond Hill Stars 2Bond Lake
SR-M1SB-3Feb 159:30 PMBradford Bulldogs 24-3Richmond Hill Stars 3Bond Lake
SR-M1SA-5Feb 169:15 PMThornton Tigers 12-3Lefroy Ice Breakers 3SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SB-4Feb 178:45 PMRichmond Hill Stars 31-0Bradford Bulldogs 2Bradford Leisure (Blue)
SR-M1SD-5Feb 196:45 PMRichmond Hill Stars 26-4Bradford Bulldogs 1Bradford Leisure (Green)
SR-M1SB-5Feb 198:00 PMBradford Bulldogs 22-3Richmond Hill Stars 3Bond Lake
SR-M1SD-6Feb 219:15 PMBradford Bulldogs 13-2Richmond Hill Stars 2Bond Lake
SR-M1SE-1Feb 265:00 PMRichmond Hill Stars 32-1Lefroy Ice Breakers 3SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SF-1Feb 268:45 PMBradford Bulldogs 10-1Lefroy Ice Breakers 1SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SF-2Feb 279:45 PMLefroy Ice Breakers 11-2Bradford Bulldogs 1Bradford Leisure (Blue)
SR-M1SE-2Feb 289:00 PMLefroy Ice Breakers 35-2Richmond Hill Stars 3Bond Lake
SR-M1SE-3Mar 028:00 PMRichmond Hill Stars 32-2Lefroy Ice Breakers 3SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SF-3Mar 029:15 PMBradford Bulldogs 11-5Lefroy Ice Breakers 1SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SE-4Mar 058:00 PMLefroy Ice Breakers 32-3Richmond Hill Stars 3Bond Lake
SR-M1SF-4Mar 068:30 PMLefroy Ice Breakers 12-5Bradford Bulldogs 1Bradford Leisure (Blue)
SR-M1SF-5Mar 078:45 PMBradford Bulldogs 12-5Lefroy Ice Breakers 1SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SE-5Mar 098:15 PMRichmond Hill Stars 30-3Lefroy Ice Breakers 3SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SE-6Mar 106:30 PMLefroy Ice Breakers 35-0Richmond Hill Stars 3Elgin Barrow (East)
SR-M1SG-1Mar 218:15 PMLefroy Ice Breakers 11-3Lefroy Ice Breakers 3SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SG-2Mar 239:15 PMLefroy Ice Breakers 33-2Lefroy Ice Breakers 1SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SG-3Mar 248:00 PMLefroy Ice Breakers 11-1Lefroy Ice Breakers 3SSCC (Lefroy)
SR-M1SG-4Mar 266:00 PMLefroy Ice Breakers 36-1Lefroy Ice Breakers 1SSCC (Lefroy)
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