Atom, 2017-2018 (Simcoe Region Local League)

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Series D (Feb 22-Mar 09)

Winner of A VS Winner of B VS Winner of C

TeamGPWLTPtsW %GFGAGF %Last 10Streak
1Innisfil Winterhawks 3431060.75018130.5813-1-0WON 3
2Innisfil Winterhawks 1422040.50011130.4582-2-0LOST 1
3Thornton Tigers 1413020.2509120.4291-3-0LOST 3
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
AT1-SRSD-6Feb 236:30 PMInnisfil 32-4Thornton 1Thornton
AT1-SRSD-2Feb 252:30 PMThornton 12-3Innisfil 1Innisfil Rec (Red)
AT1-SRSD-1Mar 016:30 PMInnisfil 36-3Innisfil 1Stroud-Innisfil
AT1-SRSD-5Mar 0312:00 PMInnisfil 12-0Thornton 1Thornton
AT1-SRSD-4Mar 066:30 PMThornton 13-5Innisfil 3Stroud-Innisfil
AT1-SRSD-3Mar 087:30 PMInnisfil 13-5Innisfil 3Stroud-Innisfil
All Scheduled Games
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
AT1-SRSB-1Feb 067:00 PMBeeton Stingers 0-3Thornton Tigers 1Thornton
AT1-SRSC-1Feb 086:30 PMInnisfil Winterhawks 22-3Innisfil Winterhawks 3Stroud-Innisfil
AT1-SRSA-1Feb 087:30 PMNobleking Knights 21-4Innisfil Winterhawks 1Stroud-Innisfil
AT1-SRSA-2Feb 1012:00 PMInnisfil Winterhawks 13-1Nobleking Knights 2King City
AT1-SRSB-2Feb 1012:30 PMThornton Tigers 15-2Beeton Stingers Beeton
AT1-SRSC-2Feb 113:00 PMInnisfil Winterhawks 34-2Innisfil Winterhawks 2Stroud-Innisfil
AT1-SRSB-3Feb 127:00 PMBeeton Stingers 0-3Thornton Tigers 1Thornton
AT1-SRSC-3Feb 156:30 PMInnisfil Winterhawks 23-2Innisfil Winterhawks 3Stroud-Innisfil
AT1-SRSA-3Feb 157:30 PMNobleking Knights 20-4Innisfil Winterhawks 1Stroud-Innisfil
AT1-SRSC-4Feb 183:15 PMInnisfil Winterhawks 35-1Innisfil Winterhawks 2Innisfil Rec (Gold)
AT1-SRSD-6Feb 236:30 PMInnisfil Winterhawks 32-4Thornton Tigers 1Thornton
AT1-SRSD-2Feb 252:30 PMThornton Tigers 12-3Innisfil Winterhawks 1Innisfil Rec (Red)
AT1-SRSD-1Mar 016:30 PMInnisfil Winterhawks 36-3Innisfil Winterhawks 1Stroud-Innisfil
AT1-SRSD-5Mar 0312:00 PMInnisfil Winterhawks 12-0Thornton Tigers 1Thornton
AT1-SRSD-4Mar 066:30 PMThornton Tigers 13-5Innisfil Winterhawks 3Stroud-Innisfil
AT1-SRSD-3Mar 087:30 PMInnisfil Winterhawks 13-5Innisfil Winterhawks 3Stroud-Innisfil
AT1-SRSE-1Mar 197:00 PMInnisfil Winterhawks 35-4Innisfil Winterhawks 1Innisfil Rec (Red)
AT1-SRSE-2Mar 217:00 PMInnisfil Winterhawks 11-7Innisfil Winterhawks 3Innisfil Rec (Red)
AT1-SRSE-3Mar 266:00 PMInnisfil Winterhawks 36-4Innisfil Winterhawks 1Innisfil Rec (Red)
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