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Hockey Leagues don't just appear and invite Associations to join them, Hockey Leagues are created by local Hockey Associations within an OMHA Region or Zone who send representatives to meet and create a league to play various types of hockey (Rep and House League) among themselves. Under OMHA guidance, they negotiate and agree to a set of conditions under which to operate, known as a Constitution.

Local Leagues are created by Hockey Centres or Associations too small to host their own “in-house” House Leagues (Independent House League). This allows the smaller Hockey Associations to play House League Recreational Hockey in a “Local Loop” with other smaller Hockey Association. All Leagues operate under OMHA jurisdiction and their League Constitutions.

In our Region (OMHA Region 4) Local League hockey has been around in one form or another for many decades (30+ years). The previous League operated from 1999 until 2012. In the fall of 2012 (near the start of the 2012 – 2013 season) the Simcoe Region Local League (SRLL) was formed, operating under an interim constitution until the current constitution was formally adopted at the Annual General Meeting held in 2014.

All Board Members of the Simcoe Region Local league are Executive members from the Board of each local Hockey Association who are members of the League. Your local Executive members are appointed by your local Associations to represent them at all League meetings. The League "Executive" are nominated from your Representatives (and can also be nominated under a criteria specified in the Constitution) and voted into the league executive positions by your Representatives.

The current League Constitution was not created by the "League Executive", but was created by a special committee of Representatives from your Associations including some of your Association Presidents, at the formation of this League. Under OMHA Guidance a Special Meeting was called for the adoption of the constitution and the League Executive were then voted into place for the first time (for set terms).

The duty of appointed League Representatives and elected Executive Members is to uphold the conditions found in any League Constitution. Constitutions can only be amended at Annual General Meetings as per the procedures specified within the Constitution.

The Simcoe Region Local League (SRLL) is a Not for Profit Organization formed to schedule league and playoff games between member Centre’s in York Region, Simcoe County and surrounding areas. The Simcoe Region Local League, under OMHA guidance, is responsible for determining operating regulations, scheduling and any additional game rules required for league regular season games and playoff competition. The OMHA administers any required team official/player discipline.

In all Simcoe Region Local League competition, Hockey Canada playing rules are in effect for all hockey games played. Additional rules, policies and procedures to those of Hockey Canada, the OHF and OMHA as may be adopted by the Member Centre’s or amended at any League meeting are also in effect.

Team Balancing Requirements

Please note: this next section only applies to Associations having multiple teams playing within the same division.

1) All Member Associations are to inform parents at Registration of the Leagues Balancing Policy and the fact some players may/will be moved between teams during the fall after the season starts.

2) All Association team officials are to be advised of this requirement at any preseason Coaches meetings.

3) At the start of the Leagues preseason Scheduling Meeting every team is required to have a team representative sign an acknowledgment form about balancing which is collected and stored.

The Simcoe Region Local League has balancing rules in place requiring Associations (with multiple teams playing within the same division) to not exceed a predetermined percentage spread specified in the constitutions policy set to keep a stacked team from running away with a division. This will require Associations to trade players among their own teams in that division prior to the November AND December deadlines each season if the winning percentage spread between the top and bottom team from that association is too wide, or "out of balance". No player moves between teams are allowed after the December deadline.

Associations are required to ensure all their teams play a certain number of games (5) by November, and again (12) by December, so they can monitor and report to the other league members, at the monthly league meetings, on the progress made and all steps taken to achieve balancing. Centres having multiple teams in a division that are "balanced" by the deadline have met the league requirements and do not have to worry if any of those teams point spread increases at a later date.

  Any Association with teams still out of balance by the middle of December each season will have been fined two times for missing both deadlines. Associations then have until the end of the season to bring the percentage spread back into balance.

If at seasons end, the winning percentage spread between the "unbalanced" top and bottom same association teams (multiple teams playing within the same division) exceeds the allowable spread set by the policy, the association is fined one final time and faces the possibility of having one or more of those teams in that division denied entry (disqualified) into the playoffs.

This long standing League requirement was developed, voted on and inserted into the SRLL Constitution by the Association Presidents who created this League (including its predecessor) 35+ years ago.